camel milk protects against cadmium

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Camel`s milk protects against cadmium chloride induced toxicity in white albino rats.

   It is now well realized that environmental problems have increased exponentially in recent decades mainly because of rapid growth in human population and increased demand for several household materials. The toxic chemicals discharged into air , water and soil get into food chain from the environment. by entering into the biological syestem they disturb the biochemical processes leading to health abnormalities. Trace elements were  known to have a variety of important biological functions and in many instances they may have adverse effects on biological system.

      Cadnium exists in the air and water pollutant . in this respect , cadmium is a heavy metal of wide occupational and environmental contamination and prsent in trace levels in seawater and in a broad range of animals and plant species. Ralatively large quantities of Cadmium are found in commercial phosphate fertilizer thus the increases in soil and plant cadmium contents may lead to increases in dietry Cadmium also Cadmium poses a potential environmental hazard due to increased in it`s industrial use.     Cadmium toxic effects on biological systems have been extensively reported, causing diabetic daises, research indicates consuming camel milk decreases the effect of Cadmium.  

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