Camel meat

Amish farm offers halal Camel Meat imported from Australia. No Antibiotics. No Hormones.

Our Ground Camel Meat is healthy and delicious. Enjoy your Camel Hamburgers, Camel Chili, Camel Ground Casserole, Camel Meatballs, Camel Meatloaf and Camel Sloppy Joes made with our Ground Camel Meat.

Camel Meat sound exotic, but camel meat is national food and it’s popular in the whole Gulf. Camel tastes delicious. Camel meat is more tender when the camel is slaughtered at a young age. Camel Milk is healthy as it contains less cholesterol and more beneficial minerals than ordinary cow's milk. Exotic Meat Market offers Camel Meat imported from Australia. Wild Camels are Halal slaughtered in Australia.