About us..

Amina's Farm is proud to be a part Amish Farm

Sam Phillips and his family are passionate about camels and their farm in colombia MO is an oasis for these beautiful lumbering animals. Piercefield Farm produces camel milk and milk products.

Several years ago Sam  saved 11 camels from slaughter, collected them from Victoria and brought them back to Colombia MO That number has grown to 70 and they are all part of an extraordinary enterprise that is growing rapidly in the u.s. 

“We really love what we do,” sam said.Camel milk is said to contain excellent proteins for the immune system and has been used for centuries by nomadic people.“Our camels are not fed any type of grain, they graze freely, live alongside with their mother in an organic approach to farming. “Our paddocks are rotated with sheep and chickens for natural fertilisation.”

It’s a great feeling to be able to share what we’ve got with other people.”