Camel milk powder 2000 gram camel milk

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Camel Milks Benefit :

    High protein content

    Low fat and cholesterol.
    Accelerate the healing of internal and gastric wounds.
    Launches respiratory system.
    Helps lower blood sugar levels with high insulin.
    Good to strengthen the memory and achievement of thinking.
    Fitness on the body.
    Rich in Vitamin C and minerals such as iron.
    Helps reduce skin problems.
    Low fat and helps brain development
   camel milk has  More nutritious than cow's milk.
    Milk (Lactose) ratio in camel milk is the highest compared to other 5.78% milk and therefore camel   
    milk works like natural insulin that produces energy to the body and is ideal for diabetics.
    camel milk have substances (immunoglubins) that help strengthen the immune system against the  
    disease and are:
    * anti-bacteria
    * anti-virus
    * anti-fungal
    * anti-hepatitis B & C
    * tuberculosis (tubi)
    * joint pain (anti-arthritis)